Sense Field - Part of the Deal

This album is really very pretty.  By 'album' I mean
the actual physical album - the packaging is quite nice
with lots of photos of bodies of water and skylines,
and the CD itself is a nice white, off-white colour.  

The sounds the album makes when it comes into contact with the little elves who dance in my stereo to make CDs play are not so pretty. Although they aren't ugly, either - they're someplace in the middle. It's like when you are having a conversation with a girl who is sort of pretty and sort of interesting but you still sort of wish she would go away too because she is just interesting enough to remind you that there are many other, more interesting people out there.
While listening to this, I continually wanted it to end so that I could put on Amazing Disgrace by the Posies or My Aim is True by Elvis Costello and hear what pop really ought to sound like. Because whatever other aspirations this CD may have had, it is pop. And I don't happen to think pop is a dirty word. And this CD isn't a dirty CD.
But it isn't a glittering, bedazzling, wonderful CD either. There were parts of 'Open Heart Surgery" that I got into, and there were some parts of 'All the Ships at Sea' that were pretty rad, and there were a few pretty instrumental parts in most of the songs. But I wouldn't call these moments of brilliance so much as I would moments of better-than-adequacy, and for the most part the album was precisely adequate.
I don't have anything against the album really - if this CD were a person I would let it come in out of the rain to use my telephone if its car broke down, but I wouldn't let it spend the night.
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