Slow Gherkin/Jeffries Fan Club - Invisible Tank
Random Order Records

What do you get when you take 2 catchy, dancable ska bands and throw on 13
catchy, dancable tunes?  A catchy, dancable CD (and it's only 7 bucks!)!
This was the first I had heard of Slow Gherkin, and I immediately went out
and bought their first 2 studio albums, on Asian Man Records.  Their 7
songs range from the slow, instrumental ska to upbeat, peppy stuff which
stays in your head for days.  Jeffries Fan Club rock out big time on this
CD, which is a lot better than "Feelin Sorry..." which I also own.  They
re-record 2 of their songs along with 2 previously released ones and 2
brand spankin new ones.  Everybody needs a little JFC, and so do you.  Go
get this!
...scott heisel...

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