Sharks Keep Moving - S/T
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What do YOU think of when you see the name "Sharks Keep Moving?" My first
reaction was, "great, hardcore." In my all-too-quick to pre-judge mind I
already thought this band was a joke. How far off could I be? This is a
band that completely fits the kind of music that I've been listening to
non-stop lately. Mo more of this power-pop-emo shit. Forget the Get Up
Kids, Braid, Jimmy Eat World, and Hot Water Music, that was sooooo two
years ago. Us kids are growing up, going to college, and cultivating a
real taste in music.

In fact, I was just remarking to my friend about how my radio show had become an all out indie/wuss rock fest. "Fine," I say, the more bands that toss out their Gibson SGs and Marshall heads the better. We only need one Promise Ring, I say. I mean, shit, even the Promise Ringers are maturing, what with Davey and Dan's new, more subtle, side-project. So here I am, sophomore in college and actaully refining my musical tastes. Bands don't HAVE to turn it up to 11 for me to dig 'em any more (although sometimes it is pretty fun). Bands mastering the ten minute instrumental, making it enjoyable and engaging the entire time are what I'm craving now. Let's give three cheers for song writing! There's a novel concept, bands focusing on structure and musicianship.....mindblowing. Bands like Tristeza are blowing us away night after night on tour and it isn't because the kids can dance, it isn't because they can sing along, it's due to the fact that they write incredibly wonderful songs that are all in one moving and cathartic. What a feat.

How about we add another name to the list? They may sound like a hardcore band, but let me tell you, they certainly are not. From the first notes of the opening eight minute song you are swept away by the wandering, free guitar lines that wrap around and around, playing off one another. the singer's lazy vocals kick in, adding another instrument into the fray. Each element intertwined and wrapping inside and out. This is one of those CDs that totally loses you within each song, and then, the whole. Isn't that a good thing though? Why settle only for three minute bursts of energy? Why settle for recycled hooks and vocal melodies? I'm not saying that I'm not a sucker for a pop hook, but I can feel myself inching away from that ever so slightly. It's bands like Sharks Keep Moving that are eventually going to push me over the edge.

The press sheet for this band campared them with Karate and Don Caballero. While that's a fair comparison to two pretty awesome bands, it isn't wholly flattering to such an accomplished and original band such as Sharks Keep Moving. They take cues from both, but in the same motion offer us something much different. Isn't it great to find a band that you really like and not be able to come up with a pat, concise description? All you can say is "buy it, it's a really good CD." This is all I can really say about them that I haven't said already. They've created an extremely engaging album that grows and grows on you each time you listen, discovering all the nuances you missed the previous times.

What's left? How about, "this CD is worth every penny you will spend on it. Buy now." I like that, yeah.
...david smith...

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