Spring Heeled Jack - Songs from Suburbia
Ignition Records

Spring Heeled Jack's new full length CD entitled "Songs from suburbia"
embodied all that one might expect from a typical third wave ska-punk band.
 Poppy, upbeat ska/punk sounds are what this band is all about.  Though I
didn't really care for them the first time I listened to the CD, by the
second time the songs had begun to grow on me.  But there were some
definite negative things about this band....  After reading the little
press sheet, which has some quotes from band members on what to expect
from the CD, I was quite dissapointed.  The members of Spring Heeled Jack
state, ..."We pride ourselves on having a lot of different influences, a
well-rounded show, a well-rounded CD."  Although I can't say that I've ever
seen the band live and therefore have no room to speak of how well rounded
their shows are, the CD is most definitely not as "well-rounded" as the
band claims.  What we have here is a band that screams, "Hey, I'm third
wave!!!!"  Even their slower, more "traditional" songs seem like the kind
of ska music typically played on such radio stations as Q101.  The main
problems the band experiences are as follows: A.)  All of the songs sound
very much alike, which is not to be expected of a band with a well rounded
CD.  B.)  The sound has been copied again and again, a thousand times by a
thousand different ska-punk bands.  Almost every song follows the typical
"distortion-clean-distortion-clean" pattern.  I couldn't make up my mind
whether or not the vocals sounded like MU330 or Reel Big Fish. Enough
chatter, the bottom line is this: if you're a traditional/2tone ska lover,
don't bother with this CD; you'll be dissapointed.  On the other hand, if
you're crazy about everything third wave, you should seriously consider
buying this release.

...kevin pasquinelli...

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