Sick Bees - My Pleasure
Up Records

My first thought: 'was this done by a very observant
schizophrenic parrot?' My second thought: 'no, this was probably done by
two college students or recent grads who like to put obscure references
about social situations to random musical sounds and indie rock chords.

Sick Bees is a two piece band from Seattle, WA. The singer sounds like a cross between Melissa Ethridge and Joan Jett.
I'll get right to the point, does this album have commercial appeal? Unfortunately, no. Is this album musically enjoyable to listen to? Somewhat. Is this good art? Yes. Will most people appreciate this? No. Will most stereotypical college indie rockers appreciate this? Probably not unless some one cooler than them tells them it's cool. Do I see college kids having sex to this? Maybe. More so than to Jets To Brazil? No.
Really, this is very interesting. Not for everyone, not the best music, but like I said before -- great art. It kind of brings me back to Phoenix Thunderstone's 'The Ride of the Lawless' except with less direction. Use a song from this CD on your next independent film: it'll fit, I promise. It's good though, funny too, with a song about Jane Fonda and one possibly about a character on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
Give it a listen, and for you college indie rockers, yes, I am cooler than you.
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