Sidecar / The Almighty Trigger Happy 7"

Well, it's on clear red vinyl, so that already makes this release cool.
Sidecar, from Cleveland, Ohio, contribute 2 melodic punk songs, with the
standout being "Solo" (which is also the standout of the whole 7").  After
seeing Sidecar live, it's hard to go back to a studio recording, because
for some reason, every song I've heard by them on a release, it sounds like
the singer (who is also the drummer) is...  Well, it just sounds like
there's something up his ass.  Live, it's different, though, and I
recommend everyone to check them out for a rockin' live show.  Trigger
Happy, on the B side, follow through with the catchy melodies, cranking out
two diddies of their own.  neither stick out in my mind that much, but the
songs are solid, with your basic verse/chorus/verse/chorus/instrumental
verse/slowdown.  If that makes no sense to you, just put on almost any
Fat/Epitaph release and you'll know what I'm talking about.  Anyways, if
you're one of those people who are into melodic punk and are always looking
for a new band to obsess over, try this 7".
...scott heisel...

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