Sixer - Busted Knuckles & Heartbreak
TKO Records

Sixer is ex-Ann Beretta, and they don't try to hide it.  From the first
second the singer opens his mouth, you hear the definite Ann Beretta sound
[which means you're also getting a mixture of the Clash, Rancid, and all of
AB's other influences].  Leer, the singer, sounds like he smokes at least 3
packs a day, and that just adds to the ferocity that the band
gives.  "Truth Hurts" opens the EP, and just plows through like a steam
train in two and a half minutes.  "Farmington" is next, and is a touching
song about how he misses his old town and his friends.  It's a bit of a
slower number, and there seems to be a lot of passion evident.  "Thin White
Line," a story about life on the road, could pass as a Rancid song, except
Tim Armstrong could never sing half as good as this.  "Fallen Angel" keeps
the energy up, with some catchy, sing-a-long choruses.  Closing out the CD
is "Sugar Water," which starts off as an a capella-into-folksy number, but
soon kicks it up a notch.  It sounds like there's about 10 people singing
all at once, which projects the whole family attitude that this band seems
to have.  As the song slowly fades out, you're left waiting for more.  This
is really solid gritty punk rock, that will appeal to Ann Beretta fans and
new fans alike.  Look for a bright future for Sixer.             
...scott heisel...

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