Sleater-Kinney - The Hot Rock
Kill Rock Stars

Ahhhh Sleater-Kinney, indie rock darlings. After their last full-length was hyped in most
mainstream rock magazines they got numerous offers to jump ship to a major but thankfully they
stayed with Kill Rock Stars. I have to admit however, that I have never heard their first two
albums and only own the last cd, Dig Me Out. With that being said I can only compare this cd to the

This cd is definitely a step towards maturity. While the last cd was good, I found myself wanting them to take a step back from their charged, borderline-grrrl punk rock. Granting my wishes on this album, they do. A bunch of the songs on the new album are subdued and slowed down with interlacing guitar and vocal harmonies. Dont get me wrong, it still rocks, but now they know when to take it down a notch and let their song writing ability take control. It's not a lack of spirit on this album, its the addition of melody and mood that make it so great. I'm going to see them on March 28th in Chicago, are you?
...david smith...

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