The Slackers - Live at Ernesto's
Hellcat Records

I recently had an opportunity to see the Slackers live, and for some reason
I passed it up.  I am now kicking myself repeatedly for missing that
chance.  "Live at Ernesto's" takes everything good about a ska band [a
solid rhythm section, a variety of styles, catchy tunes, and a bitchin'
horn section] and mixes it with everything good about a live CD [AWESOME
sound quality, extended jams {in Work Song, Pedophilia and You Don't Know
I}, and CROWD INTERACTION].  This CD is just over an hour of this band at
it's finest, playing in one of the weirdest settings in the world: a
Mexican restaurant in southern Holland.  They take selections from all 3 of
their studio albums [none of which I've heard before, so this was all new
to me] and just rock 'em out.  You can feel the crowd's energy, as well as
the band's.  Live albums take a lot to win me over, and this one has it
all.  I'm not even that big of a ska fan, and I still dug this.  The only
problem I have now is not being able to buy any of their studio albums.
This live album has so much electricity that I just can't see their studio
albums doing them justice.  Go see the Slackers live and buy this CD,
you'll thank me.            
...scott heisel...

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