Slayer - Diabolus in Musica
American Records

For over ten years, thrash kings Slayer have been trying to recreate the fury of their classic
"Reign in Blood" and mostly failing. Their awful punk rock cover album "Undisputed Attitude" was
their absolute nadir. Well, their new one "Diabolus in Musica" sees them still falling short of
"Reign" but getting pretty damn close.

There are no surprises here, but this is a powerful thrash album. You can feel the band's
anger and their genuine determination to kick ass. The opening crunching chords of "Bitter Peace"
set up a ruthless attack that is their best opener since "Angel of Death". "Point" and "Scrum" seem
to harken back to the very earliest days of Slayer while more mid-paced tracks like "In the Name of
God" and "Screaming from the Sky" are memorably, especially the former track with its howling
chorus of "Antichrist in the Name of God!"

This is a more rhythmic and…dare I say…groovy feeling to this release, with "Death's Head"
and "Love to Hate" having an almost funky feeling to them. But do not despair, O disciples of
darkness, for rarely does the heaviness cease. 

In these days of bands like Cannibal Corpse, Incantation and Anal Cunt, it would be easy to
write Slayer off. While not as extreme as the above bands, Slayer proves their validity again with
a cranking album, "Diabolus in Musica". 
...mike korn...

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