Sloppy Seconds - Garbage Days Regurgitated
Nitro Records

Whenever a covers album comes my way, I ask the inevitable question --

Some bands I am eager to hear all recorded output from, whether it's originals, covers, or the singer farting into the microphone. Unfortunately, with most bands, their studio tracks will suit me just fine.
Don't get me wrong -- I like Sloppy Seconds. I've got a 7" and an LP of theirs, and while they don't grace my turntable much these days, they were spun often in the glory days of my pop-punk phase. The problem with this EP of covers is that is just doesn't really let Sloppy Seconds' humor shine through.
I think their own liner notes say it best: "Covers can help break the ice when nobody much feels like rehearsing; they can provide a treat for a crowd that turns a good gig into a great one; and they can give some welcome exposure to great songs that many people may have missed the first time around." Yes, covers can do all of these great things, but they are generally not very exciting, especially when played in a somewhat straightforward manner.
If this 7-song EP was out on vinyl for 4 bucks, I'd recommend picking it up without a second thought. But since you're probably going to get taken for close to double that on this CD, I can't really recommend it to anyone but the diehard fans, if Sloppy Seconds has any of those.
...john heisel...

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