Smashdown - Kill the Routine
Lab Rat Records

Every time I would look at this CD I would think Smash Mouth. And that
would make me not want to listen to this. The reason I would thing that
(besides the only slight difference in name) is that I booked Smash Down to
play in Rockford, but missed them play. Interestingly enough, Smash Mouth
was playing in the area that night and came and hung out at the bar next to
the coffee shop where I did the show. Those fuckers didn't want to come
play though. Anyhow, I am soooo sorry now that I missed Smash Down and that
I put off listening to their CD. They play hardcore with a mix of new
school slickness and old school lack of production and gruffness. But the
most important thing is that they play their music URGENTLY. Good hardcore
should sound urgent -- like if you put off listening to it for one minute
it might be too late. Whether a hardcore band is singing about getting
drunk, losing their girlfriend, or how much the government sucks, without a
sense of urgency the songs are nothing. Smash Down have the urgency and
they use it to their advantage. This CD rocks and I wholeheartedly
recommend it. PS: Great Dead Kennedys cover at the end, too!
...john heisel...

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