The Smugglers - Growing Up Smuggler
Lookout Records

Growing Up Smuggler is a live album to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Smugglers, who are
currently Canada's number one export in my CD player. This is actually a split release between
Lookout, Canada's Mint Records, Spain's Imposible Records and Japan's 1+2 Records. Also in the
package are extensive liner notes detailing life as a Smuggler over the past decade. Anyway, on to
the music. Have you ever listened to the old Beatles at the Star Club CDs? Probably not. Anyhow,
maybe you saw "Backbeat." Again, maybe not. The Smugglers remind me of a punkier Beatles of that
time perioid. They are very poppy, very garagey, and very energetic in this live performance. Few
bands are able to translate their music well to a live release -- the Smugglers are one of those
few bands.
...john heisel...

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