Snuff - Numb Nuts
Fat Wreck Chords

Numb nuts, eh?  I must admit, that's what *I* got after listening to this
CD.  Snuff are, for no reason I can figure out, very popular in England
(kinda like Hi-Standard in Japan), and are selling their fair share of
records stateside, too (with the help of the erstwhile Fat Mike,
undoubtedly).  They're on Fat Wreck, so they're bound to have the NOFX
"influence" (meaning they try to write almost every song as if it were a
NOFX B-side), but I was surprised at the amount of Leatherface I heard in
the first few songs.  I like Leatherface, as should any self-respecting
punk rocker.  Snuff's first few tracks kept my attention, with the singer
trying desperately to sound like Frankie Stubbs (which I think just cannot
be done).  Then the ska-punk kicks in.  It's not ska-punk like Less Than
Jake or anything, but it's more like a VERY bad version of Slapstick or
Against All Authority (meaning they try to be "punk rock" with horns).
This just drags the album down incredibly.  I would've MUCH rather listened
to a Leatherface clone than a NOFX w/horns clone.  I thought the English
were better than this.  Don't get me wrong, there are currently some great
English punk bands (with Consumed and Goober Patrol currently topping my
list), but Snuff isn't and shouldn't ever be one of them.  And don't get me
wrong, I DO like Fat Wreck, even though most of my recent reviews (No Use
For A Name, Hi-Standard) don't show it -- I just like to hear a dose of
originality with my Fat punk.  Overall, Snuff has potential to become a
good punk band (their singer does have a really cool voice), but I don't
think they'll use it, since they've been doing the same thing for as long
as I have heard their stuff, and it sells records.
...scott heisel...

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