Softball - Tenku
Asian Man Records

The minute I saw this in the review bin, I had a gut instinct
that it would be good. Not only was I right, I was blown away! Dare I say
this trio of girls from Japan have possibly put together one of the best
punk albums in the past fifteen years, and certainly in the past five to
ten years? Imagine a band who has the album presence and songwriting
techniques of Generation X and who can harmonize like the Go Go's. Fairly
simplistic music and a straightforward punk sound (which, by the way, is
not the least bit generic) combined with a pinch of late seventies/early
eighties underground new wave influence, topped off with an overall vibe
of cuteness give the album a fresh outlook in a society of commercial
clones and attitude ass-wipes. Softball delivers a much needed slap in
the face of money grubbing, over produced, pop-punk bands of today. This
is more than another band capitalizing off their genders -- the song
writing proves it.     
...rob biavati...

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