Southport - Nothing is Easy
Go-Kart Records

I don't know anymore.  I mean, this sounds good and all, but to tell 
the truth, I can't remember one lyric or guitar riff or anything.  
But strangely enough, I enjoy it.  Southport has a HUGE Leatherface 
influence, which is cool.  Apparently, the singer of Southport used 
to sing with Snuff before they broke up, and decided not to rejoin 
Snuff when Fat Mike convinced them to reform.  This guy has a pretty 
darn cool voice, so does that mean Snuff was once good?  Who knows.  
But Southport definitely has potential.  This CD contains 9 songs, 
and it's pretty short, so it technically might be an EP, I'm not quite 
sure. It does fly by, which might be the source of my not remembering 
any lyrics, guitar riffs, etc., but a bonus to it not sticking in my 
head is that the album sounds brand new and fresh with each listen.  
Kind of funny how that works.  Anyways, if you dig that heavier English 
sound that still has melodies aplenty, give Southport a try.
...scott heisel...

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