Spoon - The Agony of Laffitte
Saddle Creek

This release frustrated me because there were only
two songs on it.  For me, hearing two Spoon songs is
like having two shots of vodka - I immediately want 9 or
10 more.

Spoon was dropped by Elektra almost immediately after releasing A Series of Sneaks, which would be like Nabokov getting dropped by his publisher right after writing Lolita, or like getting dumped by your girlfriend right after giving that bitch multiple orgasms. Spoon produces one of the greatest albums of the past 20 years, and is immediately dismissed by the half-witted mouth breathers at Elektra. Britt Daniel and the boys were understandably pissed-and it was in that state of pissiness that they recorded these two songs: The Agony of Lafitte and Lafitte Don't Fail me Now.
The sound is more open and a bit more airy than in A Series of Sneaks, and the vocals are more ethereal. Both songs evoke the image of a showdown at high noon in a spaghetti western.
It's quite simply a lovely little teaser for a full length release, and if these songs are any indication, far from going into any sort of stagnation, Spoon is poised to progress wonderfully from A Series of Sneaks, an album from which 'progress' may at first appear impossible.
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