Standbye - Days Spent Waiting
Guilt Ridden Pop

So kids: do you like Rainer Maria?  Are you Christian?  Well then, have I
got the band for you.  Standbye is a group of 3 nice boys who play
instruments, and one nice girl who sings.  Almost like Rainer Maria, except
that instead of writing songs about loving a fellow bandmate, songs are
written about loving God.  Whatever.  I'm not a practicing Christian, so if
I can block out the words and just focus on the music, the CD is almost a
carbon copy of RM.  I mean that in the nicest way.  The music is very
delicate and yet very furious, and I can almost taste the raw emotion in
each track.  The whole "God" thing just loses it for me.  If you're in a
Christian band, why does EVERY song have to be about God?  I mean, "normal"
bands are able to write about multiple topics (i.e. beer, girls, and
politics).  Why can't Christian bands expand their writings too?  But I
digress.  So if you are Christian and you dig emo, definitely check out
...scott heisel...

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