Starmarket - Calendar
Deep Elm

Remember 'My So Called Life' (Jesus fucking God
almighty how I hated that show)?  This CD sounds like
the soundtrack to all the lamest moments in that
show--you know, the ones where you wanted the MOST to
drop a huge bucket of pig's blood on Claire Dane's

Sometimes slower, sometimes faster, always derivative pop is how I would describe Starmarket's album "Calendar".
Fans of commercial alternative radio circa 1996-1998 who want to pretend to be 'underground' may enjoy this album, as it sounds very much like what their friends listen to only less popular.
In parts it sounds like a horrible horrible Foo Fighters rip-off and in other parts the album fails to sparkle quite that much.
They seem to be Swedish. And the Swedes are fine as a race I suppose, and even produce some good music, but *these* Swedes simply must be stopped.
The vocals are preposterously poor--I am not sure which one of them to blame for the singing, but he ought to be taken out back and fed to some emo kids, who could desperately stand to bulk up anyway.
I do not like Starmarket and do not recommend it to any but my enemies.
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