The Stereo - Three Hundred
Fueled by Ramen

This CD had to go under the category of "guilty pleasures" right along
with the Reggie and the Full Effect album. There's no reason that I should
be really into this cd, but I am. Maybe it's due to the fact that it's so
damn catchy, heck, I don't know. Ever since I got this for review I've been
listening to it in secret, by myself. I gotta protect my rock-hard
image, you know? I can't let people in on the fact that I'm totally caught
on  ultra-poppy, heavily distored Weezer-ish ROCK. I mean, that would just
be the end to my massive amount of scene cred, because I don't know if
anyone told you this yet, but liking a band that just gets up there and
rocks out, relies heavily on sweet vocal melodies, and sings almost
exclusively about girls just isn't cool.

Burn my scene card! I think this is a really good album on the whole. Sure, it's been done before. Sure, it's just catchy rock stuff. But so what? It's fun. The melodies are just so infectious, I've had the refrain from one song stuck, unmoving from my head all damn day. I will admit though, that some songs cross the cheese line. There are a couple songs that are pretty Billy Joel-esque when one of the singers goes solo doing the love ballad thang. It's forgivable, though. I guess I should also point out that the two men behind this sparkling pop record are former (or maybe current?) members of the bands Animal Chin and the Impossibles, if that means anything to ya.
If I had a car, I'd be rolling the windows down and cranking this baby. Yeah, you know what I mean.
...david smith...

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