Strangemen - Channel 2000
Omnipotent Music Group

I was pretty excited to get this CD since it came with a free comb (which has since been stolen by
my girlfriend). I figured that surely no band who gives away free combs could be bad! And I was
right, sort of. The Strangemen play an interesting style of music that I was going to coin
surf-a-billy, until I discovered that they called themselves that on their website. Oh, the
disappointment. So, The Strangemen play surf-a-billy. Imagine, perhaps, a surf version of Southern
Culture on the Skids, or even the Reverend Horton Heat. And lots of sci-fi songs. Maybe it's Man Or
Astro Man? meets the aforementioned bands, but I'm not familiar with MOAM?'s music, only the
concept. Anyhow, this is a decent effort that is pretty decent, but is rather bland overall. I'm
not sure how that can be, but maybe I can sum it up like this: the music is good and stuff, but it
just sounds kind of flat.
...john heisel...

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