Stubborn All-Stars - Back With a New Batch
Triple CrownRecords

The recent release "Back With a New Batch" from the jazzy trad-ska band The 
Stubborn All-Stars offers a sound perfect for those days when you just feel 
like chillin'.  For those not familiar with their sound, the Stubborn 
All-Stars can best be described as sounding halfway between traditional 
reggae and jazz, but with a more modern twist.  This is a definite must-buy 
for any traditional ska freak (Avid reggae fans; you'll probably dig this 
sound, too).  People who live for bands like Reel Big Phish (Sorry, FISH), 
Buck-O-Nine, and other 14-year-old girl oriented bands should avoid this 
release at all cost.  On a final note, if any of you happened to hear the 
Rancid/Stubborn All Stars song "I wanna riot" on the Beavis and Butthead Do 
America soundtrack, their overall sound is pretty similar (minus the Rancid 
edge, of course.) 
...kevin pasquinelli...

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