Tagging Satellites - Shoting Down the Airwaves
Magwheel Records

Graig Markel is a superb singer and songwriter given
his current classification as 'sub-par indie sounding
dude' and may soon break into the 'medicore or better
indie sounding dude' level, but this album isn't going
to help.

All the good things Markel does both lyrically and vocally are cancelled out by Zera Marvel. Ms. Marvel has a baffling array of ways to ruin a mediocre to good song from stagnant, lifeless vocals to melodramatic dreadful vocals, she runs the cycle of horrible singing mistakes.

Lyrically the album is pretty good, mostly because Markel wrote it.

If you wanna know what it sounds like, well, it sounds like a severely crap-ified version of the Red House Painters. But whereas the RHP break your heart and make you wanna keep listening, Tagging Satellites mildly annoy you and make you wanna stop.
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