Teenage Frames - 1% Faster
Jump Up Records

Ahhh...the art of the riff.  This album is full of them, drawing
influences from AC/DC to the Faces to the Stooges.  "1% Faster" is the
Teenage Frames' follow-up to "More Songs, Less Music," and is pure, angry
rock.  From my personal viewpoint, they seem to stay true to a
rock-and-roll formula, rather than the brutal noise a lot of punk bands
tend to exhibit.  Vocalist Frankie Delmane growls through most of it,
sounding like Bon Scott's long-lost American brother, which can get
tiresome. However, on a few tracks ("Living it Up" or "Automobeat" for
example) he tones it down, and the result is a solid pop song.  The
standouts of "1% Faster", "Drug Power", "Just Can't Seem to Take It", and
"Glitter Parade" draw influences from 1970s American glam-punk
(e.g., MC5, New York Dolls).   
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