Teen Idols - Pucker Up!
Honest Don's

After listening to this quite a few times, the word "disappointment" comes
to mind.  The Teen Idols 2nd full length cannot even hold a candle to their
self-titled CD (read my review for that in the archives).  This just sounds
way to over-produced.  Sure, the guy's voice is still cool.  Sure, the
female bass player is still a babe.  But there's just some pizazz missing
from it.  This self-proclaimed "pogo-punk" band doesn't show any sign of
energy on this release, as opposed to their older material.  If you're a
fan like me, you'll buy it, but if you really wanna hear some kick-ass punk
in that snotty style popularized by The Queers and The Ramones, check out
the Teen Idols self titled CD.
...scott heisel...

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