Ten Foot Pole - Insider
Epitaph Records

This is a band that you either love or hate.  It's that whole "melodic
hardcore" style of punk rock we all know and love.  These guys do it more
than adequately, but don't put enough energy into it to seperate themselves
from the rest of the Fat/Epitaph pack.  Nonetheless, their new CD is very
enjoyable, with no notable disappointments, and no songs that make you want
to listen to them over and over again, with the exception of "I Got Your
Letter," the story of Dennis (vocals/guitar) getting a Dear John letter, or
so the lyrics let us assume.  Speaking of which, that is the extreme bright
spot of this CD, and this band as a whole.  They write some of the best
lyrics about life situations, angst, the dark side of people, etc.  This
adds to the enjoyablity of the CD.  Overall, give this one a shot if you're
looking for some better-than-average background music punk.
...scott heisel...

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