The Faint - Blank Wave Arcade
Saddle Creek

I've made no excuses for it; in fact, I've come right out and told the
world --  I love 80's music (take a gander at my Antarctica review if you
dont belive me [the ultimate proof, no?]).  I'm all about synths and cheesy
guitar effects.  Furthermore, if I could have it one way and one way only,
I'd take the 80's route.  There's just something about the androgyny, the
sex, the sexualized lyrics, and uh, the overwhelmingly high amout of
references to gettin' it on that make it so appealing.  Luckily, The Faint
play right into all of these.  Their first album wasn't completely devoid
of all these elements though, they just seem to have "toughened up" a bit.
Whereas the last was full of cheap, harmless pop hooks, this one seeths
with sexual energy, punk ferocity, and a definite 80's nod.  They could
almost be the bastard children of the 80's brit-pop scene; kicked out for
rocking a little too hard.

With song titles like "Worked Up So Sexual" and "Casual Sex," you know exactly where these guys are coming from. The singer's faux-brit, throaty moan coaxes the listener to a frenzy. With synthesizer-drenched, borderline punk rock songs to couple, there is no resisting. This is music for gettin' down and gettin' naked. There's no other way around it, hombre, it's time to get riled up with that special someone. You know you can't get enough of Simon LeBon's ambiguous come-ons, so just imagine his band cross-breeding with a bunch of punk rockers and you have The Faint. Now there's a prospect I know you can't shake from your psyche. If you're like me, that is a good good thing.
...david smith...

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