Tiara - Again Cast In

Tiara, hailing from the mini-mecca of Columbus, Ohio is a four-piece band
that plays a combination of indy-pop and guitar driven rock.  Having had
the chance to see them live my first impression was that they sounded a
bit like Seam meets Silver Scooter.  Recorded, however, the band presents
a different story.

Tiara's latest full length is titled "Again Cast In" and comes after a few 7''s and their debut, "Calling the Whales." This new release shows development in the band as musicians and songwriters but still does not stick out among the thousands of other nameless indie bands that will send their cd's and lp's to college radio stations and zines around the country this year. The first half of the album is very poppy and has the guitarists constantly using various effects. The vocals have a very distinctive style though it really isn't all that effective. They sound buried under the rest of the instruments and the lyrics aren't easy to make out. Most of the song titles are decent besides the beaten to death "Lost."
The second half of the album, though, gets better as the boys begin to rock a bit more. The fifth song, "Navy Blue," is definitely a stand out. It comes as a bit of a shocker, sounding very different from anything before or after it. This song is seriously great. Personally, I think this band would greatly benefit by going more in the direction of this song. I could hardly believe it was the same band.
Overall "Again Cast In" is listenable if you're a fan of nice, boyish indy-pop but really never rises much above the mediocre. There are some very effective moments, though, and songs like "Navy Blue" suggest that Tiara does have a great deal of potential. Whether they ever acheive it is yet undecided. Until they do I'll just stick with bands like their friends, Silver Scooter.
...steve raparelli...

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