The Tim Version - Creating Forces That Don't Exist
Attention Deficit Disorder

The Tim Version really came out of nowhere to surprise me. When the CD came 
in the mail, their label hadn't even had the foresight to attach a press sheet 
to it. So all I know about the Tim Version is that they hail from Tampa, Florida. 
Everything else I've had to discern for myself.

First of all, their influences are pretty obvious from even a cursory listen -- bands like Avail, Hot Water Music, and Dillinger 4 initially come to mind. The Tim Version play melodic hardcore with the sort of dirty enthusiasm that made older Avail records so eminently listenable.
I don't listen to many punk records anymore -- especially newer stuff -- but the Tim Version has been spending a lot of time in my stereo with their enthusiastic and emotional melodies and lyrics. It's too bad that the album artwork is horrible and the label is tiny, because this band could be huge if the kids caught on to them.
...john heisel...

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