Tintoretto - The Sound of Someone You Love Who is Leaving.....and it Doesn't Really Matter
Highwater Records

I, like anyone who saw them only once, was a huge fan of Managra.
I, like anyone who was a fan, was crushed when I found out that they
had called it quits. It seemed tragic that just when they were getting
some national attention and going out on (from what I hear) successful
tours they would end prematurely. Those things happen though, I moved on.

A few months ago I heard about a band formed from ex-members of said band, and as you can probably guess, I was excited. Anyone who reads my reviews regularly can tell that ex-members are a thing I like...anyway, I just couldn't seem to catch them whenever they would play around me. Not having a working automobile sure didnt help much. Ironically enough, I got lucky and actually finally caught up with them on vacation last winter. I found them in Denton, Texas on new years eve no less. They were touring though with another midwest band that I like, Paris Texas. First, Paris TX played an enjoyable, crazy, antic filled set with full out stage theatrics from their charismatic singer. As Tintoretto slumped forward to set up, it seemed unlikely they could follow a set such as Paris Texas'. They not only followed it but they succeeded in rocking my ass pretty hard. They barely talked: their discordant, searing rock did it for them. They remind me of one of my all time favorite bands, Hoover. Right down to the quirky, off key vocals. Unlike Hoover, however, they don't waste any time building up to the climax, they just get out there and "turn it up to 11," so to say. That night I got myself a cassette copy of this CD and have been listening to it ever since. It hasn't gotten old. This is one fucking intense band who I recommend to anyone who doesn't mind a little harshness in their music and wants to rock it without looking back.
...david smith...

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