Urban Legends
Audioinformationphenomena Records

Straight up indie rock.  Straight up great as well. This cd is almost the 
epitome of the term "indie-rock" I guess.  At least by the conception of that 
term I have.  The songs here are straight-forward, some noisy, some softer 
and subdued, and all rock.  The singer has a soft, soothing quality to his 
voice and the guitars are often jangly and clean.  As far as i can tell, 
everything is played by one man, Hutch Harris, with whom I've had limited 
email discussion with.  He also used to play in a "project" called Haelah 
(with Albert from Mohinder and the A-Set) who released a 7" and split 7" on 
Tree Records I believe.  In any event, this is a really good, solid release.  
There are no tricks pulled, no gags, and nothing here is completely 
groundbreaking or overly original.  It's just good. The only real gripe I 
have with the CD is that with 9 songs, it is only twenty-one or so minutes 
long.  That gives you barely enough time to start it and crank out a good 
email without interruption.  These poppy-rock gems just glide on by before 
you have to reach over and press play again (one thing I'm sure you'll do if 
you go out and find this CD [which you should]).  Short or not, the songs 
here are genuinely good and genuinely catchy.  Seek this out, it'll be worth 
your effort.
...david smith...

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