V/A - Crust-O-matic!
Crustacean Records

     Jesus Fucking Christ!@  A Crustacean Records
Sampler!@  57 minutes of Mad Trucker Gone Mad,
Supermodel, Fuzzdolly and Bleed!  And others!  Am I
dreaming????  God let me be dreaming.

Seriously though, Crustacean Records occasionally puts out some righteous rock and roll and this is a collection of it. And other stuff.
It's a fair chance you have never heard of any of the 12 bands on the compilation, and you may want to know more about them. But you will probably never see this compilation in a store, so I am just going to give brief reviews of the bands so you can look for their material yourself or see them if they come to your basement. Or not. In some cases it isn't worth it.
Mad Trucker Gone Mad--I reviewed an album of theirs earlier, refer to that review. (That one was easy)
The Probers--Pretty kick ass rockabilly/punkabilly sound. Good instrumentals, good vocals.
Supermodel-- Not Kate Moss, that's for sure. Fast Rock and Roll with a decided twang. Like the Charlie Daniels Band hopped up on crank.
Gam--Smarmy and noisy all at once. Sounds like bachelor pad music for atonal bachelors.
Grid Committee--They like their instrumentals a bit too much. Sounds prog rockish at times. Kept waiting for the voice of Geddy Lee (how did it get so high?).
Mucky Pup--They covered a Prince song and a Sade song I didn't like in the original and still don't like as covers.
Carl you know Peggy--Fast and rhythmic, at times like white boy hip hop. Boring instrumental interludes but the meat of their songs was pretty smooth.
Bleed--loud, fast, countrified hard core. Sounds like Resin Scraper at times. Okay songs and really good playing.
Voodoo Love Mint--Slow beginnings lead into cautious rockin' out. They seem like most of their songs would be about girls and how they suck. Decent as far as that goes.
Uncle Eddie--Inane political song. The music was fine, the vocals were annoying and the song fucking sucked.
Fuzzdolly-- kinda goofy, catchy, fast and cool.
Blasted Boyz--pretty good. If Megadeth were still really cool, they would be too.
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