V/A - Destroy the Creep House
Creep Records

"Destroy the Creep House" is a live cd featuring four East Coast
punk/hard-core bands, and it was recorded at a punk rock house in Philly, PA.
The first thing that crossed my mind as I listened to the disk was "I
wish I was at that show!" That's the concept behind this album and that
puts it miles above any bootleg. It lacks the wacky crowd interaction
usually heard in live punk albums except for a part where one of the guys
from Kill the Man Who Questions shouts out "Iron Maiden wishes they wrote
this one.

Its a really good album though, the quality of the recording is excellent for a live punk show. It makes you feel as if you were there without the experience of some drunk glue head attacking you for rubbing him the wrong way.
...rob biavati...

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