V/A - It Goes Without Saying: An Instrumental Compilation
Sign Language

As the old compilation review cliche goes, this one's pretty hit or
miss.  As you can probably tell from the title, this is an all instrumental
compilation CD.  No, I didn't say all instrumental _band_ comp., just
instrumental music.  What's cool about that is getting songs from
atypical bands here.  Such vocal stalwarts as Frodus, MxPx, and Sunday's
Best leave them out for this disc.  Two of those bands actually offer a
couple of the best songs here (those two being Frodus and Sunday's
Best).  A few surprises like The Troops' violin and flute infused track
and Luke Abrahms' Lullabye For the Working Class-esque tune make this seem
almost worthwhile as well.  However, as I seem to be experiencing with
this recent flux of instrumental bands, a lot of this just goes right in
one ear and out the other.  Only five or six songs really stand out
(there are 14 tracks total).  Some contain members of fairly popular bands
(Johnathan Ford of Roadside Monument pops up twice, David Bazan from Pedro
The Lion once, and Damian Jurado plays under an assumed name), but rarely
did any of their songs do anything for me.  This also leads me to my next,
overly youthful and idealized point: a vast majority of these bands are
"Christian bands" and a portion of the proceeds go to a Christian relief
fund.  After inspecting the fund's website I could not tell if this was a
mission type relief fund or not.  If you are at all unsure about where
your money is going, I'd suggest perusing www.worldvision.org.  I mean,
"World Vision" should give you an idea of what they're all about
anyway.  Note: I'm not saying that all Christians are bad, I just know
that there are people out there (like myself) who do not necessarily wish
to support mission work.  I only wanted to make people aware, because I
know I would be upset if my money was going somewhere I didn't want it to
(and I'm not saying World Vision is bad, either).  All that aside, I can't
really give this compilation a glowing recommendation. It has it's good
tracks, but it's mostly overwrought with fairly bland material.  I would
suggest buying records from Tristeza, Paul Newman, Turing Machine, and
Trans Am though.
...david smith...

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