V/A - Lab Rat Experiment #1
Lab Rat Records

The biggest problem with comps nowadays, especially samplers, is that
A)there are too many bands, B)here are too many songs and/or C)they're too
damn long.  This comp does have 15 different bands and 32 songs, but you
hardly notice because the majority of the time you're bouncing your head
along with the catchy songs.  Most of the bands on this comp are
pop/melodic punk, with a few weirder bands (which I happen to skip over
each time I listen to the CD).  The Mighty Sturgeon's "Dead Celeb" is
probably the catchiest song I've heard this year (outside of anything by
Reggie and the Full Effect) and it clocks in at under 2 minutes.  Other
gems on this are Amazing Transparent Man, 007, and Fayaled Crew.  The best
thing to do is put this CD on random and see if you can guess who does
what song, it's more fun than you think.
...scott heisel...

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