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Floppy Cow Records

This is a compilation released on the Swiss label, Floppy Cow Records, 
intended as a sort of overview of the American pop-punk/emo scene, and 
it comes off with a real Drive Thru Records aftertaste. That is not to 
say it's a BAD record, in fact, a couple years ago it would have probably 
never left my CD player. If you were to put the compilation into visual 
terms, it would be one 72 minute long synchronized jump. A sort of guilty 
pleasure: though you'd rather not admit to it, you always like to see that 
shit. At first glance, the big names stick out: The Promise Ring, Lagwagon, 
Midtown, The Anniversary, The Get Up Kids, Hot Water Music, etc. For the sake 
of space, I'm going to skip those bands - do you really need me to describe 
"Red Letter Day?" 

Starting it all off is Whippersnapper, a band I wouldn't walk down a flight of stairs to see. Well, I guess I would if they had free pizza or something. I've heard Midtown so many times that this sound is now being ignored by my brain.
Next is The Masked Animals, who apparently bought the new Dynamite Boy cd. Bravo, fellas!
Tracks 3, 4, 5 and 6 are all big namers. The Promise Ring track, "Happiness Is All The Rage" was a little too predictable a pick for this compilation, but what can you do. Now that I think of it, this comp really is more "singles" oriented than a lot of genre specific comps. I suppose that it's appropriate considering it is being offered to a foreign market. Still, I'd like to hear some unreleased stuff.
The Latrines are not good. There are jokes to be made here but I'll refrain.
No Fun At All would probably be a lot more fun for me if they did not use the phrase, "...my extraordinary mind" in their song. I can't hear it without thinking of my *Most Hated Of All Songs*, that Superman song by 3 Doors Down. Holy %(*^$&%#*^#*^ing *&%(*%)* I hate that song. Aside from that, the song is a welcomed dash of actual punk that the comp really needs. I especially appreciate the metal guitar solo. It's nice that there are still bands left that can/will do that.
Following a flowery Anniversary b-side is Death By Stereo, who are about as "hardcore" as this record gets. Hardcore in the same sense as Keepsake, who occasionally scream in the middle of a whiny pop-punk song. I think they need to do a split 7".
Allister is a happy band. Their songs are fast and their lyrics are funny. I can stand music like this because they are having fun and they are not trying to be cool. They remind me of Cousin Oliver, writing songs about their friends getting busted by the 5-O. I think we can all relate.
I used to hate Sarge, but I forget why. All I remember is seeing them at some bar in Detroit and wishing I had splurged on the good earplugs. But I like this song, always a sucker for the female fronted indie. It's too bad they broke up - they'd probably play Heisel's basement. Haha...
File Cooter in the same category as Whippersnapper. The world does NOT need any more Midtowns.
I'm sooo excited the Useless ID was able to get Kermit the Frog for lead vocals. At first, I thought it was just a guy with a nasal singing voice, but now I'm sure. It's definitely Kermit. I always imagined good ol' Kermie in a synth band, but the pop-punk gig seems to be working out.
The Get Up Kids have a big bus and insult their audiences with sloppy, drunken performances.
Please forgive the quality of this review. 28 songs, and about 24 of them sound like the same band. I will now finish quickly by merely passing judgment on the last 10 artists:
Co-ed remind me of Rainer Maria and Star Ghost Dog, and have one of the only solid tracks on the record.
Bombshell Rocks contribute a high-energy punk anthem. I detect a strong Rancid influence.
The Adventures Of Jet are what I imagine would happen if you crossed Wolfie with The Stereo and added a keyboard.
The Hippos are one of the only ska-punk bands I like. I only wish they wouldn't have given into the overwhelming wave of Moog Keyboard rock. The bastardization of quality vintage synth has to end. But the Hippos still rock.
No Motiv manages to pull off the Drive Thru sound without making my ears bleed, I think it's the vocals: generally straight forward. None of that Newfound Glory-esque, gratuitous voice cracking.
Elvis Jackson is melodic punk with a confusing name, a weak sound and bad lyrics.
Yay for Tugboat Annie! This was my version of Jawbreaker when I was in 9th grade. Not quite as heavy or intensely personal, but who needs that at 15?
A quick summary for those of you still reading; a rather homogenized, superficial view of what's out there now, but if I had to take out a loan to make a compilation I would have used a lot of the same bands. For me, however, the point of buying a compilation is to discover a really good band I didn't know about. In that sense, the only worthwhile track for me was Co-Ed's "Going, Going, Gone." If you actually live in Switzerland, I suppose it would be worth buying. If you live in the US, you might as well order this along with "WOW" volume 1,546 or go to a high school parking lot.
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