V/A - Nowcore!

I was reading Rocket Fuel a month or so ago, and they said
that K-Tel was going to be putting out an emo compilation. Emo?!@ From the label known 
for advertising cheesy "best-of" CDs on late night TV? So I emailed the label to ask for 
more information, and a few weeks later, the CD showed up in my mailbox. No complaints here! 
After laughing off how utterly cheesy the idea of a best of emo compilation is (I mean, I 
think all of these songs were recorded in the last decade, let's wait a little while to 
exploit a scene!), I realized that this was a lot better than most emo compilations that 
come my way. This CD doesn't focus on emo so much as the bands the kids who listen to emo 
listen to (got that?). These, of course, include: The Promise Ring, Hum, Seaweed, Modest Mouse, 
Braid, At the Drive In, Mineral, Compound Red, Samiam, Burning Airlines, Unwound, The Dismemberment 
Plan, Drive Like Jehu, Texas is the Reason, Knapsack, and Jawbox. Every song on here is pretty 
good, although since all the songs are previously released, you probably find yourself in the same 
situation that I am in -- you already OWN most of these songs. In any case, the next time some kid 
asks you what emo is, or when you're trying to get your little sister to listen to some good
music, pop Nowcore! in as an introduction.
...john heisel...

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