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Holiday Matinee

A little background:
Holiday Matinee is an independent promotions group that deals with many of
the good, established (and to use a very general term) indie/emo bands
today. This compilation represents all the artists that they currently
work with (with the exception of a couple new ones). Herein, we gots at
least one song from every band on the roster. That, my friends, makes for
a damn good cd.

The only thing wrong with this, though, is that a majority of it is previously released. that being said, let me tell you that it ALL rocks. I like nearly every band on this compilation, so what do you expect me to say? In this publication already, I've given favorable reviews to a bunch of them already, mentioning a few of the most notable names might be helpful. The fucking stellar songs are contributed by: Tristeza, Sunday's Best, Very Secretary, Sterling Silver, Fiver, Sharks Keep Moving, and Boilermaker. While you probably haven't heard of many of these bands, I should probably tell you the bands that you might recognize: Piebald, Jejune, Pedro the Lion, and The Wicked Farleys. Each contribute a song that's sure to catch even the most jaded ear, even one such as mine. Additionally, each offer a track that nicely represents their current work. There's not really much more I can say, with a line-up like this one has it's sure to be pretty good. I'm 100% confident that almost everyone I know could at least find a few tracks on this cd, if not all of it, that they would enjoy.
If you're at all curious about any of the bands I mentioned or interested in getting material from the cream of the indie/emo/whatever scene, pick this up without delay. I mean, christ, it's worth it alone for the Tristeza song....not to mention the live Pedro The Lion track.
...david smith...

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