V/A - Short Music For Short People
Fat Wreck Chords

There must be some rule that says the more songs an album has, the less a reviewer
can think of to write about it. I've had Fat Wreck Chord's 101 band
compilation CD, "Short Music For Short People," for two or three weeks now,
and I can't think of much more to say than "buy it." Yes, there are 101
bands on it. No, not every band has a 30 second song. Some are less, like
Fizzy Bangers' album-opener, which is less than 10 seconds long, and some,
like the Misfits, have a 2 minute long song. But most of the songs fall in
the 30 second range. The 30 second song idea is a dual edged sword: For the
songs that suck, they're over before you can think about hitting fast
forward, conversely, for the songs that rock, you have to try to hit repeat
before the song ends. Fortunately, most of the material on Short Music
really rocks. Less Than Jake turn in a catchy song about, well, life in
Florida and going to shows. As much as it pains me to say so, the Dance
Hall Crashers do a fun song about Fat Mike calling them and asking them to
do a thirty second song. Spazz does a song that isn't too unusual for them
in length that makes fun of most of the other bands on the comp ("A Prayer
For The Complete And Utter Eradication Of All Generic Pop-Punk"). Perhaps
the song with the most relevance to me personally is Blink 182's Family
Reunion. The song's lyrics basically spout off all of the words you can't
say on TV. Why is it important? We got a promo copy at my school radio
station and auctioned it off for 50 bucks. I bet that kid feels stupid now,
but hey, if people want to waste their money, why shouldn't I encourage it,
as long as it feeds me? Anyway, all the big names are here: Avail, Green
Day, Bad Religion, Descendents, Screeching Weasel, NOFX, Black Flag,
Anti-Flag, the Vandals, Pennywise, and dozens of others. Short Music for
Short People showcases some of the best bands in punk today, and comes off
pretty much like a melodic version of Slap-A-Ham's grindcore 7"
compilations the feature 70 or 80 bands on them. It would be cool if Fat
turned this into some sort of annual thing and had some different bands
every year. Short Music is perfect for summer -- my friends and I, many of
us who have stopped listening to most punk music, all agree that summer is
the time for punk. And where else can you get more punk for your buck?
...john heisel...

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