V/A - Ultra Swank
Cacophone Records

I love samplers.  Even if a song is shitty, the album more than makes up
for it by containing hundreds of other songs and a slew of different
artists.  The opener, Jack Black's "Drive Them Wheels" is part Johnny
Cash, part Thin Lizzy.  As a result, I had high hopes for the whole CD,
which weren't shot.  Cacophone Records has a great repetoire of artists,
all garage-y and surf, and that's usually not a disappointment -- honestly,
how can you screw that music up?  Standouts of the 28 tracks are The
Erotics' "It's True," a blast of cock-rock that would make Bad Company
sound like Bread; "Lover be True" by the Lustre Rings, which I could swear
is on the 100 year-old jukebox in my grandpa's favorite tavern; and 1313
Mockingbird Lane's "Dig Her Up," a campy 1950s horror-movie soundtrack
song.  I'd have to say that my personal favorite is "Record Collection" by
the Vodkasonics due to its Guided By Voices, Beatlesque pop leanings;
however, this CD has so many cool standouts, I hate to single that one
out.  Overall, great music, and kick-ass rock the way it was meant to be.
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