Weston/Doc Hopper - The Stepchildren of Rock
Go Kart Records

Unlike most live CDs, you don't necessarily have to be a fan of the band's
prior to hearing this in order to enjoy it.  Well, that's not completely true,
only in the case of Doc Hopper, I guess. There isn't any unreleased or rare
material to be found here (at least I dont think...), just 29 songs of speedy

I think I saw these two bands play 3 shows together in a one year span -- each
time they rocked the house down. Unfortunately, weston's absolutely hysterical
live show doesnt translate all that well onto CD. Their songs are, for the
most part, sped up and sloppy. They play all the big hits, mostly songs from
the first two full-lengths.  The sound quality, as on most live albums, leaves
something to be desired.  The sound is very drum and vocal heavy. If you were
already a fan of Weston, this CD is a pretty safe bet.  Their catchy pop-punk
is still intact.

On the other hand, we have Doc Hopper.  I always loved seeing this band live
but never cared for their albums much. I think it was because of that fact
that the vocals were mixed way too low.  However, on this CD the rough vocals
stand out nicely, recreating the live experience.  That's not to say that you
should buy this CD before you buy their albums though.  Musically, Doc Hopper
is not as poppy and catchy as Weston, but they have their moments.  I like
this half pretty well.  

While I like the Doc Hopper side pretty well, I'd have to pick Weston as my
favorite. But what does this review actually do for you? You probably know,
even before reading this review, if this CD is worth buying to you. Both bands
are (or is it were?) quite well known in their respective niche, and if you
havent heard of either, I'd suggest weston's "Real Life Story of a Teenage
Rebellion" first.  
...david smith...

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