Wilco - Summerteeth
Reprise Records

Listening to this album is a gorgeous emotional
experience.  There isn't a song on the album that
can't break your heart a thousand different ways.  It
mixes well with gin.  I don't know what else to say
about it.

Well, you fucking moron, how about some details, is what you might be thinking right now. This is Wilco's followup to Being There, but there is no indication that Jeff Tweedy wanted it to be Being There, Again. It isn't a completely new start for Wilco in that it is still country-pop with lyrics that are comfortable, touching, and often cerebral, but Summerteeth does seem to be a definitive album in the career of a definitive group.
Songs like How to Fight Loneliness and Shot in the Arm, as well as the opening song (and college radio single) Can't Stand It highlight an album that is wholly remarkable from the beginning to the end.
At times, the album becomes almost sugary in its poppy flavour, but that only makes it all the more poignant when Wilco returns to what they do best, which is a plaintive, haunting, melodious strand of country/folk music with enough pop sound to remind us that the beatles have come and gone. Imagine Hank Williams Sr or Hank Snow plus late Posies and you have something that would sound like, but not as good as, this album.
In short, get it or all your hipster friends will hate you and for once the little bastards will be right.
...ron provine...

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