Winechuggers - Thank You All Very Much
Box Factory Records

When you think of a band called "Winechuggers," what pops into your head?
Probably just about anything but this.  Winechuggers are a trio from Chicago.
The band contains a member of Emperor Penguin, but there is no musical similarity 
at all.  Winechuggers simply play really good music that I really don't know what 
to compare to.  The opening track, "Trick Cigar," simply slides by you and is 
almost over before you notice it, with it's very laid back instrumentation and 
almost delayed vocals.  "Ripped To The Tits" is one of 2 standout tracks, simply 
by A) having a wonderful title and B) being extremely catchy indie rock.  Sort of 
like a drunken, sloppy version of some old Sebadoh.  You'll be singing this chorus 
in your sleep.  "Do We Need Another Day" is the second standout, being the perfect 
2-1/2 minute bossa nova.  I use this song on my radio show all the time to talk over, 
simply because it grooves like very few other things I own.  The CDEP winds down too 
quickly for my liking, as I easily could have handled a full length from these fine 
gentlemen.  Winechuggers seems like more of an in-joke among some hipsters than 
anything else, but I hope they continue to try and let me in on it -- I'll always 
laugh like I know what's going on.
...scott heisel...

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