Yaphet Kotto - The Killer Was in the Government Blankets
Ebullition Records

OK, I know I've said that emo is dead, but this record is living proof that
at least somewhere some kids are getting it right. This record is
perfectly at home with real emo bands like Policy of 3 and Current, no
question. From start to finsh this thing is a wash of screaming, intense,
hc/emo. I'd like to think this band sounds like Boy Sets Fire without all
the cheesy metal crap that they throw in. They have a few singers here,
and one has a pretty clean voice while the others tend to scream over him.
Unlike the aforementioned Boy Sets Fire, the clean sounding guy's voice is
not Jon Secada-esque. And unlike Boy Sets Fire who seem to think that
metal=hardcore, Yaphet Kotto doesn't wank out when they rock out. They do
it straight up, no cheese, just driving, frenzied hardcore. This is some
really great stuff from one of the best indie labels in the country. Now
if they'd just get off thier asses and release the Bread and Circuits LP
like they've been planning on. the world can have two emo bands to pick
...david smith...

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